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A good idea or concept does not automatically mean a successful business. A combination with the right positioning in the market ultimately makes the company a success. The same applies to a stand-alone (new-build) project. That is why BRIXX does not only focus on providing the services, but we also look at how we can put these services in the market. Our own internal marketing department is busy monitoring and optimizing the marketing campaigns of all our subsidiaries on a daily basis.

Marketing for our clients

Because we have been using all aspects of marketing from the start of BRIXX, we know exactly how we can use this approach and expertise for external parties. For example, we regularly advise large real estate developers on the positioning of, for example, a new construction project.

Each BRIXX company has a different specialty. This automatically entails a different market, target group and communication.

Marketing vastgoed
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What can we do for you?

→ Social media content

→ Social media advertising

→ E-mailmarketing

→ Website management

→ Writing articles / blogs

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