BRIXX is busy setting up, managing and expanding the real estate portfolio on a daily basis. We do this for our own portfolio as well as for external clients. BRIXX has built up a large real estate portfolio in recent years under the name BRIXX Real Estate. We operate on a national level with our own buildings. The real estate includes offices, business premises, shops and residential homes in various price ranges.

Carefree investments

The diversity of the real estate portfolio and customer base ensures that we have built up a broad knowledge of both professional maintenance and financial and administrative activities. We are happy to use this knowledge and experience for our customers. We understand that the priorities of the (future) real estate owner will be in carefree renting out the property. Just like receiving guaranteed and high efficiency. With these ideas in mind, we have been providing the technical and financial management of the real estate for many years, both in our own real estate portfolio and that of external parties. This saves the home owner time, a lot of arranging and it influences the amount of the costs.


Expert advice

Thanks to our knowledge, experience and network within the BRIXX subsidiaries, we can provide partners with expert advice in various areas. Whether you want to buy, sell, finance or even refinance an investment property, we will help you get started. We are also at your service if you have any questions about your current real estate portfolio. We assist both private and institutional investors with their real estate investments. For example, we monitor the purchase and sale of real estate and we advise during the process and the composition of the portfolio. Through this collaboration we ensure the realization of the highest possible in return.

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Real estate investments for our clients

Exponential growth of our own portfolio is essential for BRIXX. In addition, we help other real estate investors with the purchase of their investment property(s) every day under the name We achieve the highest achievable efficiency for our customers.

High efficiency

Receiving a high efficiency is one of the aspects that makes investing in real estate so attractive. Through the services of we ensure that everyone, regardless of how much knowledge and experience, can invest in real estate.’s experienced specialists provide full guidance when purchasing the investment property. Through direct cooperation with other subsidiaries such as and Start Home Rentals, we guarantee our customers an efficiency between 8 and 10%.

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Vastgoedinvestering rendement
Beleggingspand financieren

Mortages and insurance for your investment property

Do you need financing for your investment property? The financial advisers of MAES Financieel Advies are specialized in taking out rental mortgages for both residential and commercial real estate. MAES arranges the financing of your investment property for you. They will arrange the financing for you with the right lender. They do this under the best terms and conditions, in the type of mortgage that suits you.

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